nursery-policies1Our Policies

  • Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy
  • Health, Illness and Sickness Policy
  • Anti-bullying Policy
  • Admissions Policy
  • Equality Policy and Inclusions Policy
  • Special Educational Needs Policy
  • Arrival and Collection Policy
  • Medication Policy
  • Sun Protection Policy
  • Promoting Good Health Policy
  • Food Management Policy
  • Food Preparation Policy
  • Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs Policy
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Staffing Policy
  • Staff Disciplinary and Grievance Policy
  • Maternity Policy
  • Staff Training Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Manual Handling Policy
  • Key Worker Policy
  • Nursery Educational Grant Policy

Admissions Policy/Equal Opportunities

This Nursery accepts children on a first come basis; In addition to this Policy siblings may be given priority, Tiny Steps are committed to its Equal Opportunities Policy. We do not tolerate discrimination under any circumstances.


We require that a Medication Form is completed; we are unable to give any medicines without this form being completed and signed by parents/guardians.
All medicines must be clearly labelled with Childs name on and dosage, then handed to a member of staff who will put it in our medicine cabinet, which is always locked, medicine that is required to go into the fridge will be placed in the kitchen fridge. You can find this information in our medication policy.
If your child becomes ill at nursery, we will require you to collect them and if your child becomes ill at home, we request that you keep them at home. If your child has had sickness / diarrhoea please do NOT send them in to Nursery for 48hours after the last episode.
Please look at our medical information form on our parent board for time limits of illnesses.
Please note: we cannot give un-prescribed medicines such as Calpol, unless prescribed.


In the event of an incident that needs further medical assistance and parents/guardians cannot be reached, we will then take any appropriate actions such as visit doctors/hospital. Please see our illness and injury policy.


We encourage good behaviour, positive attitudes and praise, all children will be verbally praised and we do encourage children to praise each other and themselves. Children that use unacceptable behaviour will be asked about the situation and parents/guardians will be informed. If the unacceptable behaviour continues you will be asked to come in and we can discuss how to resolve the situation together.

We have a very strict NO smacking policy and believe that children learn by example, all our staff do their very best to ensure your child is treated with respect at all times.